Team Leadership Application

Thank you for your interest in starting a Veterans 3 Gun Team!

Before applying to start a new team please read the requirements listed below.

Team Leadership:

To start a Veterans 3 Gun Team, there must be (1) one captain, (1) one co-captain. Prospective Captain and co-Captain MUST BE VETERANS, must be properly vetted using this online application, upload proof of service (DD214, ERB, ORB) to this application. once the online application is complete you will be emailed and required read and sign the Leadership Agreement that is emailed to your personal email address that you listed on this application.

Choose a primary shooting venue:

You must list the primary shooting sport your team will primarily compete in, example: USPSA, 3gun, PRS etc. Please select from the list provided on this application.

Choose a local shooting club, range or facility:

THIS IS THE PRIMARY LOCATION MOST TEAM MATCHES TAKE PLACE.  Most shooting clubs, ranges and facilities host monthly matches, we suggest finding one that hosts the shooting discipline/venue your team will compete in. You must list the Range/Club/Facility on this application.

IMPORTANT: Captain and co-Captain BOTH have shared responsibilities of enforcing all Veterans 3 Guns’ purposes, values, regulations, policies and procedures and are both accountable for tracking funds raised by the team.

Once all application requirements are fulfilled,  your team will complete a 90-day trial period. The 90-day trial period requirements are listed in the Leadership Agreement that your team must fulfill. Once your team successfully completes the 90-day trial period, your team becomes an official team under the banner of Veterans 3 Gun Inc.

If your team fails to meet the requirements of the 90-day trail period agreement:

  1. Inactive/unresponsive Leadership: team will be dissolved and your members will be informed that the team was moved to inactive statues and that all members are now Members at Large (MAL) until new leadership can be put into placed. New leadership will have to go through the leadership application process to restart the team and will be placed into a 90-day trial period.
  2. Active/responsive Leadership: team is actively operating and fulfilling the Organizations mission statement but needs an extension of time to fulfill the 90-day requirements. Veterans 3 Gun board of trustees fully support continuing the team as long as team is actively supporting the mission and continuing to fulfill the 90-day requirements although at a slower pace. Team Stay in trial statues.

The complete Leadership Agreement will be sent to both members applying for the Team Leadership positions. This includes all appendixes to the leadership agreement that must be signed digitally.

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By checking this box I agree to the Captain/Co-Captain Agreement/Guidelines and Code of Conduct dictated by Veterans 3 Gun Inc. that will be enforced and presided over by Veterans 3 Gun Inc. Board members. Any violation can result in immediate dismissal from the position as Team Captain or co-Captain, and possibly from Veterans 3 Gun Inc. I also agree to allow Veterans 3 Gun to validate all of my personal information and conduct a background check.