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Effective February 1, 2019 Veterans 3 Gun has had to enact a $20.00 initial membership fee.

Thank you for your interest in joining Veterans 3 Gun. We are excited that you have found our organization and look forward to your participation in this exciting and camaraderie building organization!

Listed below are the links to each teams Facebook page.

Current Team locations


Team 100 Dawsonville GA

Team 101 Ft. Benning GA

Team 102 Midway GA


Team 201 Dallas/Ft. Worth TX 


Team 300 Durham ME


Team 400  Tulsa OK


Team 600 Powell WY


Team 700 Grand Rapids MI


Team 900 Ankeny IA


Team 1000 Northern Ca


Team 1100 Taladega AL


Team 1200 Ft. Campbell KY

Team 1200 Mt. Sterling KY

North Carolina

Team 1301 Charlotte NC


Team 1400 Marlborough CT


Team 1500 Danville VA


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