About Us

Veterans 3 Gun is a non-profit organization built for military veterans, their families and veteran supporters. We are about providing veterans a positive outlet and working to combat veteran suicides. We are a catalyst to get veterans out of the house and onto the field of competition. Giving them focus, purpose and a feeling of accomplishment. Our goal as an organization is to see veterans thrive!

Our Mission:

Promote community and enjoyment of life for all military veterans by using competitive shooting sports as a platform to build camaraderie, assist veterans with resources, honor fallen military service members and raise public awareness about the high suicide rate within our military veteran community.


Our approach… the best plumbers, tradesmen, mechanics and carpenters seems to come from word of mouth. So, if you want to know the best place to get assistance for a veteran, ask a veteran!

That’s exactly what Veterans 3 Gun does!

We recognize there are no discriminating factors to veteran suicides. This is why Veterans 3 Gun assists all military veterans regardless of when they served our country.

We realize having only one program for veterans is not the single answer to ending veteran suicides. You need a program for veterans as a positive outlet and provide resources to stay connected with members throughout the transitions of life. This is where Veterans 3 Gun thrives! We listen to our members, their families, and friends about programs and organizations they’ve recommended. Taking that information, we’ve built a network of services for veterans.

We are able to provide these services in a variety of ways enabling us to help even none members. By using our website, social media, email, text and word of mouth, we are able to foster a support system for all veterans in the fight against veteran suicides.

Making Veterans 3 Gun an organization that stands out from the pack! We are bridging the gap between military and civilian services to assist in the successful transition to civilian life with the intent of prevent veteran suicides.


Our main program is shooting sports enablement, assisting military veterans to participate in competitive shooting sports through:

  • Paying entry level match fees
  • Furnishing equipment needed to safely compete
  • Supplying ammunition required to compete during a match


Why Competitive Shooting Sports

Competitive shooting sports revitalizes the ability to safely use the firearm skills veterans learned while in the service. Utilizing this knowledge is why we created our positive outlet. It gives veterans focus, purpose, accomplishment and builds camaraderie with other veterans. This program is our platform in connecting with veterans and gives us the means, if necessary to assist them with additional services.

How does it work?

We have teams throughout the United States aligned with vetted ranges meeting safety requirements. These teams are able to provide loaner equipment, assist with entry level match fees and ammunition for members to participate in competitions. Teams also provide the vital link between local resources and services for veterans in their area.

What we have been able to do so far…

We have been able to assist military veterans to participate in competitive shooting sports through; paying for entry level match fees, furnishing the equipment needed to safely compete and supply the ammunition required to compete during a match

We continue to assist veterans outside of competitive shooting sports, by being an organization of shared resources. Our greatest outcome is being a bridge between military and civilian support systems, and helping save the lives of as many veterans as we can.

We assist veterans with resources such as; Shooting Sports Enablement Program, Distress Response Services, Counseling Services, VA Assistance Services, Employment Services, Transition Support Services and Financial Counseling Services.

We are recognized by the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW), Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), and the PTSD Foundation of America as an organization that works to prevent veteran suicide and is a Military Veteran Program.

We are a 100% pass through 501(c)(3) non-profit, seeking to gain capital funds to support our individual teams and support the growth of our program and services.