About Us

Veterans 3 Gun Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Providing veterans, a positive outlet and working to combat veteran suicides. Our goal as an organization is to see veterans thrive!

Mission: Promote community and enjoyment of life for all veterans using competitive shooting sports as a platform to: build camaraderie, assist veterans with resources, honor fallen military service members and combat veteran suicides.

Vision: Veterans are able to handle the situations of everyday life and are not committing suicide. Veterans 3 Gun continues to build teams across the Nation and honor our fallen military service members.

1. Why Competitive shooting sports as a platform?

Competitive shooting sports revitalizes the ability for veterans to safely use the firearm skills they learned while in the service. Giving them focus, purpose, accomplishment and builds camaraderie. This positive outlet is our platform in connecting veterans together and gives us the means, if necessary, to assist them with additional programs and resources.

2. How we assist veterans with resources

We realize having only one program for veterans is not the single answer to ending veteran suicides. We needed a program for veterans as a positive outlet and the ability to provide additional programs and resources to assist veterans as they experience different transitions in life. By bridging the gap between military and civilian support systems, we built a network of programs and resources for all veterans.

Some of the additional programs & resources we offer our veterans:

  1. Free Warrior Groups- Group counseling for combat veterans
  2. Free Individual Counseling- For Veterans & their family members
  3. VA Assistance- Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to assist with VA Benefits Claims
  4. Employment- Connecting veterans with employment opportunities
  5. And many more programs and services!

 3. Honoring Fallen Military Service Members

Veterans 3 Gun believes that no service member should ever be forgotten. That is why every Veterans 3 Gun membership Jersey has a place of honor for those that sacrificed so much in the name of freedom; on the back, top of every jersey. So, when a Veterans 3 Gun member wears their jersey that service member’s memory will never be forgotten. Every member picks the name of the Service Member they wish to honor for their jersey.

 4. Combating veteran suicides

  1. We recognize there are no discriminating factors to veteran suicides. This is why Veterans 3 Gun assists all military veterans regardless of when they served our country.
  2. We provide programs and resources in a variety of ways enabling us to help all veterans.
  3. We continue to bridge the gap between military and civilian services to assist veterans; with the intent of prevent veteran suicides.

Veterans 3 Gun is recognized by the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW), Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA), the PTSD Foundation and many more organizations; that works to prevent veteran suicides.

Veterans 3 Gun Inc. is a 100% pass through 501(c)(3) non-profit, seeking to gain capital funds to support our mission and support the growth of our programs and resources.