Code of Conduct

As a member of the Veterans 3 Gun Inc. (hereafter referred to as Veterans 3 Gun), we expect our members to conduct themselves in a professional manner. The purpose for our organization is to give veterans a positive outlet and assist them with resources and services. Actions or efforts in contrast to any of the below mentioned, can result in dismissal from Veterans 3 Gun and/or its teams. Individuals dismissed from Veterans 3 Gun will no longer be recognized as members. However this does not deny you access to our resources and/or services. It will however deny you from being permitted to conduct any action that can be directly or indirectly affiliated with Veterans 3 Gun within the competitive shooting sports.

1. Requirements:

a. Members receiving support from veterans 3 Gun will wear the required competition jersey during team events.
b. Team members receiving support in which funds or ammunition is requested, will be present at the appointed time and place of the event as dictated by the team leadership
c. No political and religious views, if not presented as an individual’s personal viewpoint. Veterans 3 Gun dos not have political or religious viewpoints.
d. No comments, actions, or insinuative behavior that promotes sponsors, organizations, or persons not officially affiliated with Veterans 3 Gun. Unless its an individual’s personal point of view.
e. It is Veterans 3 Gun’s policy that all videos, pictures, and feeds of Veterans 3 Gun members are the property of Veterans 3 Gun and may be used in advertising, social media and on our website, while members are in representation of our organization.

2. Grounds for dismissal:

a. Although a safety violation may get a member disqualified (DQed) from a match, as long as it was unintentional members will not be removed from the organization. However, an intentional safety violation may be grounds for dismissal from the organization and/or your team. This will be determined by the board of trustees and will be presented by the team leadership. (if needed)
b. Noncompliance of Veterans 3 Gun official policies, procedures, code of conduct or blatant insubordination of official appointed leadership (Team Leadership or the Board of Trustees)
c. Any action or comment perceived by team leadership to be profane or malicious towards Veterans 3 Gun, our affiliates or a team.
d. Any action or comment perceived by the team leadership to reflect an excessive deformation of personal character (may be a reason to be dismissed but not necessarily)
e. Forgery of personal information, or failure to relinquish required information that does not constitute a breach of personal privacy or security to the individual (Criminal offenses or background concealed before or after joining Veterans 3 Gun and/or assigned to a team)
f. The known violation of another team member breaking the terms of the Veterans 3 Gun code of conduct and attempting to conceal or failing to report this violation to the Team Leadership or Active and presiding Board of Trustees.
g. Stealing donated funds (cash, check, money order, etc.) or taking personal possession of donated item/s “in-kind gifts” with the intent of personal gain. (this may constitute legal action against that individual or individuals)