3 Gun Benefit Match w/ 2Gun and Rimfire Option


Title Sponsor

Presenting Sponsor

Stage Sponsors

Stage 1 Sponsor MD Ammunitions “In Honor of SPC Zane C. McDonald”

Stage 2 Sponsor CPWSA “In Honor of HM2 Tristan M. Totten “

Stage 3 Sponsor USPSA NC Section – In Honor of “SFC Ronald S. Shipp Jr.”

Stage 4 Sponsor Ashlar Arms – In Honor of “SSG Dale J. Kelly”

Stage 5 Sponsor Palmetto State Armory – In Honor of “Sgt. Jared S. Spickelmier”

Stage 6 Sponsor Steel Target Paint – In Honor of “TSgt. Brooke L. Caffrey”

Stage 8 Sponsor Speed South Shooting – In Honor of “Sgt. Daniel Somers”

 Thank you to all our Stage Sponsors!

Veterans 3 Gun put on their first benefit match at the Civilian Marksmanship Park (CMP) outdoor range in Talladega, Alabama February 10th and 11th 2018. The purpose was to raise enough funds to provide our teams nationwide with “Team Equipment” that will be loaned out to veterans looking to get involved in competitive shooting.

There were 8 action packed stages offering six different divisions. Practical, Heavy, Unlimited, PCC, Factor, and Rimfire. At each stage, there was a poster of a fallen veteran telling their story. Prosys was the title sponsor and Precision Tactical Arms Company was our presenting sponsor. Attendance was exceptional in spite of the not so friendly weather. Everyone had a great time and many are already looking forward to next year’s match. Here is a list of the winners from the Benefit match.  

       Practical 1st- Josh Taylor
       Practical 2nd- Kevin Leonhardt
       Practical 3rd- Garran Singleton
       Practical 4th- David Marbut
       Practical 5th- David Martian
       2-Gun 1st- Cameron Tanner
       2-Gun 2nd- Andrew Hearndon
      Open 1st- Dilon Price
      Open 2nd- Chris Fields
      Factory 1st- Kian Dolsen
      Factory 2nd- Tanner Powell
      PCC 1st- Tony Martin
      PCC 2nd- Will Jones

As an organization, we are working nonstop to raise awareness to the high suicide rate among our veterans. While this match was a success and some of the funds were raised, this is an ongoing mission. We appreciate your support and hope that you will continue the fight.

22 veterans a day

22 lives that served our country

22 lives that had demons no one knew about

22 lives that was a brother, sister, dad, mom, son, daughter, husband, or wife

22 families that will never be the same

It’s 22 too many.

Thank you to all our event sponsors!