C.J. Hill -Arkansas-

I have been shooting 3 Gun and USPSA for over 3 years, as a member of Veterans 3 Gun I have been able to help several active duty military members and veterans get into the world of competitive shooting sports. During my time on active duty, I was a chaplain’s assistant, so I saw first hand how big the problem of suicide is in the active and veteran community. What we do in this organization has helped to bring veterans into the shooting community giving them a place to go for support and gives them a positive outlet.

CJ Hill -Arkansas-


I have had multiple brothers from the Army commit suicide. I have always felt like I could have done more to prevent it. In my own experience, I know there are times that feel hopeless. Fortunately I have a good support group in my family. As a member of Veterans 3 Gun I have the opportunity to reach out to more veterans and let them realize that it’s not hopeless and there are people that care.

I spent a little over 9 years active Army. I have done two combat deployments, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I am currently a Sheriff’s Deputy. I am also one of two people in the department trained to responding to veterans in crisis.

James Riter –Harriman TN-

S.A.R.- Atlanta GA

I joined the Army as an Infantryman in 2003 before moving over to the Medical Corps in 2005. the Army has been good to me and I am as-yet unbroken physically or mentally, but I recognize that I am one of the lucky ones. I have lost friends both to combat and suicide, and as an ER doc and former BN surgeon I see the results of the struggle many soldiers and families go through every day. V3G is a way I can use the sport I love to help the vets I care about. I am currently in GA, but I’m moving to Ft Hood this July and plan to attend the monthly events nearby as often as I can. I would love to start a team when I get there to help vets and soldiers in the Central Texas area.

S.A.R.- Atlanta GA