CJH- Active Duty

I am active duty at fort bragg with the 82nd ABN DIV. I have been shooting 3 Gun and USPSA for a little over 2 and a half years and in that time I have been able to help several active duty and vets get into the shooting community. I am a chaplain assistant in the 82nd so I see first hand how big the problem of suicide is in the active and the veteran community, bringing vets into the shooting community gives them a place to go for support if they need and and gives them a outlet to go to.

Active Duty

J.M.R. Harriman TN

I have had multiple brothers from the Army commit suicide. I have always felt like I could have done more to prevent it. In my own experience, I know there are times that feel hopeless. Fortunately I have a good support group in my family. I want the opportunity to reach out to more veterans and let them realize that its not hopeless and there are people that care.

I spent a little over 9 years active Army. I have done two combat deployments, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. I am currently a Sheriff’s Deputy. I am also one of two people in the department trained to responding to veterans in crisis.


Harriman TN

S.A.R.- Atlanta GA

I joined the Army as an Infantryman in 2003 before moving over to the Medical Corps in 2005. the Army has been good to me and I am as-yet unbroken physically or mentally, but I recognize that I am one of the lucky ones. I have lost friends both to combat and suicide, and as an ER doc and former BN surgeon I see the results of the struggle many soldiers and families go through every day. V3G is a way I can use the sport I love to help the vets I care about. I am currently in GA, but I’m moving to Ft Hood this July and plan to attend the monthly events nearby as often as I can. I would love to start a team when I get there to help vets and soldiers in the Central Texas area.

S.A.R.- Atlanta GA