Corey Wellman

I want to thank Veterans 3 Gun and everyone that helped with getting me the gear needed to compete in my first USPSA match. I am proud to say I am part of a team again and helping others like me in the process.

Corey Wellman-

Tesimonial: Chris Dorsey

Not only is Veterans 3 Gun doing great things with veterans in competitive shooting sports, but they are actively helping veterans throughout the community in so many more ways. I can’t wait to slow down for a second so I can participate! Thanks for all you guys do!

Chris Dorsey- President

Warrior Farms


I have been seeing on my FB feed about how so many nonprofit organizations only give back 20% of the funds that are raised to help what they are promoting. This is so sad, but I don’t want this to discourage you from giving to great organizations, because they are out there. If it is a true, caring, unselfish organization they are not just about the money they raise, but the commitment, trust, honor, and loyalty…. It’s about being a volunteer, a member, a trusting team player! Helping the organization, to be able to help others.

I have personal seen Veterans 3 Gun go above and beyond the standards of what I have ever seen most nonprofit organization do… This org, has helped individuals, team members and other nonprofit organizations. I can proudly say the organization I support is Veterans 3 Gun! What’s your organization?