How We Got Started

River Bend Clothing Company was started in Gainesville, Georgia, by a man and father of two, Dustin Railey. Our CEO and founder, an army veteran, was at a crossroads in his life. Dustin returned home where his difficult journey began. Finding himself a single dad, Dustin had to choose between continuing down a narrow path of destruction and despair or to be a role model for his children. While on a kayaking trip, Dustin came to a bend in the river and at that moment, he made the decision to live for more and River Bend Clothing was born.  Starting a clothing line was a way to keep his children involved closely in his life and also a way to keep the Southern way of life alive. Today, we give you River Bend Clothing: a Southern company with a purpose that is focused on standing behind its men and women of arms. So every time you wear the River Bend Logo, know that you are representing more than just a basic clothing company. 
Thank you for shopping with River Bend Clothing!
        God Bless!