About Us

Our Mission:

 “To promote community and enjoyment of life for all veterans through competitive shooting sports.”

The Purpose of our organization is to give veterans H.O.P.E.

H: Help in the unity of veterans and their families

Veterans 3 Gun Inc. is a community of veterans and veteran supporters that share a common interest in the world of competitive shooting sports and ending veteran suicides. We get veterans involved in the competitive shooting community by offering teams under the banner of “Veterans 3 Gun Inc.”.

When a veteran returns from a deployment and leaves the military, they have a set of skills that for some do not translate to civilian life. Many family members are unaware of their loved one’s many and varied skills that they have learned while in the military. When a son, daughter, husband or wife witnesses their beloved service member happy and enthusiastic at a shooting competition, they want to become a part of that joy and share in that experience with them. It presents a platform for common bonds to be forged and a connection to be formed.

Members are encouraged to invite their families to watch and/or participate in matches. Spouses are invited to join the team that their veteran competes on.

Veterans 3 Gun Inc. is more than just getting veterans involved in competitive shooting sports.  Team Captains/ Co-Captains and members build relationships with other veteran and non-veteran organizations in that team’s area, building a support system for those veterans.  Support includes counselors that have experience with veteran issues, organizations that help veterans transition from military to civilian work force, resources for the homeless veteran community. There are many programs that help the veteran community, we want to make sure that veterans have access to the programs they need.

We are a community for veterans to feel safe and part of an organization that cares about each and every veteran and their families.

O: Offer a positive activity for veterans

Competitive shooting sports once again revive the ability to use the skills veterans have learned and provides a positive activity giving them focus, purpose and accomplishment. This positive activity is a gateway to helping veteran members reconnect with their families and successfully transition back into society with the resources they need.

It is free for veterans and their spouse to join Veterans 3 Gun  To join Click Here

Veterans will have the opportunity to join a team in their area or start a new team (if there is no team in their area) as they fill out the form.

For more information on starting a team in your area Click Here

Another part of our organization is that we honor our fallen veterans by putting their name on the back of the competitor shirts.  Veterans will be asked to provide the name of the fallen veteran they wish to honor during matches. This can be a friend, family member or relative that passed away. We only ask that they were a veteran.

Teams are not limited to single competition venues, although teams have a primary shooting venue, they are encouraged to compete in any sanctioned competitive shooting sport.

P: Promote firearm safety and knowledge

We promote firearm safety by requiring all venues of competitive shooting sports, that members of Veterans 3 Gun Inc. participate in, be at an official range that is regulated.

E: Establish Esprit de Corps for veterans in a functional society

“Esprit de Corps”: a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the members of a group. Shooting competitions are a great way for veterans to feel that they once again are members of the team.

Our vision is to raise public awareness of the high suicide rate within the veteran community. An estimated 22 veterans commit suicide a day!

There are many questions as to why the rate is so high. One of the reasons may be that once a service member leaves the military they lose that sense of belonging and support.  Veterans 3 Gun believes that by getting veterans involved in the shooting community and joining a team in their area, they will once again regain that feeling of comradery and community.



Veterans 3 Gun has grown in 18 months to 16 teams in 13 states, GA (3), TX (2), ME, OK, NM, WY, MI, WI, IA, CA, AL, KY, NC with members in 28 states and over 290 members nationwide. We are partnered with the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Post 970, Give An Hour (Veteran Counseling), Emory Healthcare and several other non-profit organizations helping to make veterans lives better. We have been able to help veterans compete in many different competition venues. Providing them with equipment, ammunition for the matches and paying their entry fees.



We are a 100% pass through organization. Meaning all positions within the organization are volunteer, helping us to use more of the monetary donations received to help veterans and build the organization.

Donations help our veteran members participate in all types of shooting venues and help to offset the cost of items such as ammunition, entry fees for matches and purchase equipment (i.e. competition shooting belts, magazine pouches, etc.). As a non-profit organization we don’t purchase firearms for veterans.

Contributions, large or small, help us reach our goal of assisting those who have sacrificed so much in the name of freedom and to preserve our way of life. Without your tax deductible donation or donated equipment, we wouldn’t be able to provide the knowledge, environment, equipment, and outlet to help our veterans thrive.

For those that wish to make a monetary donation to our organization, please Click Here or you can mail your donation to PO Box 282; Dawsonville, GA 30534

Payable to: Veterans 3 Gun Inc.

Equipment donations may also be sent to our PO Box.